A Simple Note

Words can change everything!


daraartisans:COVET Handmade in Swaziland, every one of these coil woven baskets are unique. Women weavers create the patterns as they work and the more experience a woman has, the more refined her baskets.

Tapestry-woven (kesi) silk and metallic thread woman’s sleeveless jacket, late 19th–early 20th century China

Shelter, 2009

I feel truly sorry for kids today. They have no Flight of the Navigator. Also, weak arms.
The view from home to the east this afternoon, waiting for the hail storm.
The view at home to the west this afternoon.

Save our Sea !! by Marcello Di Francesco

Artist: Paul JouveFrom: Une Passion dans le Désert by Honoré de BalzacPublisher: Cottet-DumoulinDate: 1949Description (translated from French): “Paul Jouve, the largest wildlife artist of the twentieth century. A Passion in the Desert is one of fifteen large animal books illustrated by Paul Jouve. The book includes twelve boards lavishly engraved color - three double page - black board placed at the end of volume and an engraved black bandeau top of every page, following repeated eight models. Framed by a red line, the text is printed in “Montaigne Body 24”. “Source: Librairie Montés